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PT Gunung Mas Teknologi merupakaan perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang IT & Elektric Mechanical Solution.

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Instalisasi Jaringan

The process of connecting one computer to another computer (LAN) or connecting one computer to many computers (Internet). Computer Network is centered on addressing the IP address.

Perangkat Lunak

Software or software is a specific term for digitally formatted and stored data, including computer programs, their documentation, and various information that can be read and written by a computer.

Supply hardware cable

Power Supply Unit is a hardware device (Hardware) on a computer that is in charge of providing electrical voltage directly and channeling it to several installed hardware or components.

Perangkat Keras

Computer hardware is all the physical parts of a computer, and is distinguished by the data that resides in it or that operates on it, and is distinguished from software that provides instructions for the hardware to complete its tasks.

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